Idkwhttph and hashing passwords

No, its even part of my module idkwhttph

lol same: replit2
I guess we are very similar
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btw I took a look at your module source and where is the login/logout? did I download the wrong one? (I got it from pypi)



it is actually not working for me either… Idk why…

did you hash the bassword?

a-no! yes I did not hash it BRO WHY DO YOU NEED TO HASH IT.

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@Idkwhttph it makes the credentials safe from hackers.


storing it plaintext is very dangerous as the database might get leaked. It is very possible (even if you use a private VM) for the database to be leaked, but hashing it makes it so that the password is mathematically impossible to crack.


@python660 I still need to hash the passwords for my thing. I’m just getting the bare bones there first.

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A good way to hash passwords is to use bcrypt, but if you’re using flask you can use, which is specifically built for flask.
Example usage for bcrypt (Hashing Passwords in Python with BCrypt - GeeksforGeeks):

import bcrypt
# example password
password = 'passwordabc'
# converting password to array of bytes
bytes = password.encode('utf-8')
# generating the salt
salt = bcrypt.gensalt()
# Hashing the password
hash = bcrypt.hashpw(bytes, salt)
# Taking user entered password 
userPassword =  'password000'
# encoding user password
userBytes = userPassword.encode('utf-8')
# checking password
result = bcrypt.checkpw(userBytes, hash)