Ideas for my new Python Game

Hi everyone of replit ask! I would like to ask all of you for ideas about my new game Ice & Fire which will be a fantasy game featuring the war between 2 elements but I need ideas from the community please as it would help me out alot and make the game more enjoyable for everyone as its not just my ideas! Thanks for reading and hope you can reply some cool ideas!

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Hey @HenryMiles3!

Either make it a choose your own adventure (text adventure) or a select action kind of game maybe a battling game?


“Ideas for my new Python Game”

dang bro Idk man not sure what language he’s using man Idk

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@QwertyQwerty88 im blind.

Its is in python and mabye when I learn javascript I could remake it in there.

Yes it’s more like a battling game between 2 elements and a war over control and th player is like the saviour of the team they choose.