Idea for project with rust


I’m not really an Amateur level coder I believe I can write in any language (yes even brainf**k and ASM) with the docs in front of me, I recently discovered rust and really liked it. I was wondering about a project I could do in rust (or any language) that would be fun and challenging, think of anything (even harder stuff like OSDEV)

Also I might be the first user to post on this forum so I hope I’m doing the right format lol :grinning:


Love to hear you’re interested in so many languages! Take a look at our posts on Rust in Repl Talk to get some ideas. You can also look through Apps to find some inspiration. You can’t search by language yet, but I bet you’ll be able to find some great ideas there! Can’t wait to see what you create!

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Hi there!

We have a few projects from our fellow replit employees:

A recommendation from another employee: this is a pretty good series about OSDEV with Rust: