IDE: How to edit remote files via sftp/ssh?

I have my own servers, and sometimes I need to edit files without use git repos.
How can configure into the replit IDE a remote connection to edit files?
like remote ssh in vscode

All paid plans on Replit support sshing into your Repl.
You can install ssh on a Repl and that should in theory allow you to ssh from the Repl to something else, but in order to ssh from something else into the Repl you will need a paid plan.

I need ssh from Replit IDE to non-replit servers
the link you sent, only mentions how to access to replit servers from ssh clients,

It should work if you add openssh to the replit.nix hidden file. You might have to run kill 1 for the changes to take effect. It worked for me.

{ pkgs }: {
    deps = [


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