I would like to run my Swift playgrounds in Replit

I can see that I can create Swift files in Replit but I have been unsuccessful in loading Swift playground files and getting them to run. Any insight would be appreciated.

Hey @Plrbear001!

Can you send me the link to the Repl you’re having issues with and explain the issue or specific errors that you’re getting?


@ShaneAtReplit, I just looked at his replit profile and he has no repls, and I know he doesn’t have a hacker plan.

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perhaps cycle privating O_O

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hm maybe but still seems like the account is just… dead.

I put some test playground files up. I had other files in the Teams section.

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I think the library that’s erroring is unique to apple’s swift playgrounds app, I can’t find any information about it being open source so I think it might be Apple specific. Anyone have any more information on that?

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Thanks! I was able to reproduce this issue and have sent this to the team. I’ll follow up once I have an update!

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We have categorized this as a feature request for when we revamp Swift as a language. We don’t have an ETA on this, but we will follow up if anything changes.

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Thanks for the consideration. My future classes will benefit from it.