I was warned for proxies/bypassing internet firewalls

i was warned today for a proxy ive had for about a year now and it is so stupid cause i was forced to make it by my school for a grade if the warn isnt removed my school has stated they will take legal action aganst replit

Unfortunately, we can’t do anything for you. You can try contacting support.


Hey @aydenbg,

proxies are something that is not allowed on Replit, in the Replit ToS in the Prohibited Actions section on point 24 it says :

Use the Service to create a proxy with the purpose of circumventing any firewall or other access control measure;


I don’t see why your school would have to take legal action, a warn won’t do much. It’s only bad if you get multiple warns.

And if proxies are against the ToS, then no matter the reason, your school can’t tell you to host proxies on Replit, or to take legal action against a warn for hosting a proxy.

EDIT: See this bounty, for extra details.


idk its stupid but my school said to say that

@aydenbg I’ve reached out to you via DM so that an educator / senior manager from your school can contact Replit to discuss further. As others have said proxies are against ToS and it is unlikely to change.


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