I was banned for hosting a phising site

My account notsmith was banned from replit for hosting a phising site, I never hosted any kind of this site and I had a lot of working code for my discord bots there. Is there any way to get unbanned and proof I am inocent?

This topic has me very perplexed. For starters, how can you be innocent when you openly confess to hosting a phishing site, which is not good?

Where did i confess to host the site?

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Wait, I misread the topic, but you claim to have been falsely banned because of a “phishing” site, but you provide no evidence. Is there any possibility that you ran a phishing site without noticing it?

For first, how can I provide evidences when there is no way hiw to check my codes and second, I think it is highly unlikely i ran this kind of code.

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Also sorry for my english.

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I’m not sure, but here are three opinions I’ve reached thus far:

  1. You’re telling a lie.
  2. Without realizing it, you were hosting a phishing site.


  1. You are not lying, and this was all a misunderstanding.

If you don’t want individuals to do strange things with your email, I’d delete it.

So there is no way to get my repl account back or just the Discord bot codes i had there?

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You must contact support@replit.com and explain your side of the story, as well as invest some time chatting with the support team, in order to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

OK, thanks for help.

No problem, come to the forum whenever you need assistance, and welcome to the community, @ArnostHort.

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I have last question, I created Python code which spammed webhooks (on my own discord server), is it possible thats the problem?

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That is unquestionably a violation of Discord’s TOS and Replits.

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Spamming discord webhooks is api misuse, which is against the TOS; Replit also has a policy against bots, etc.

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