I want to suggest and make a guide

If you want to suggest a guide or write one you are in the right place.

How should I do it?

If you have what to suggest an idea or write a guide please send a message to @guideadmin. In the message please explain your idea and if you want to write the guide yourself or are suggesting an idea for somebody else to do. And before you start work on any guide wait until you get a message back saying it is a good idea and you can work on it.

What should be in a guide

Guides should have an opening sentence about what the guide is or a question. For example this guide the first sentence is what the guide is about. But the guide How did somebody edit my post? as a question for the fist sentence Somebody edited my post!! How though? Am I in trouble?. Your guide should be short but long enough to include ALL nessery information. And remember even if something is basic to you explain it or link to another guide that explains it. It is also best to include screenshots.

What should I expect when I finished writing?

Congrats you finished your guide (kind of). Now by now, you should have been added to @guidewriter. Now you can access #guide-drafts. Please make a new topic with the contents of your guide. Then it will be reviewed by somebody in @guideadmin and they will leave feedback that you will need to take into account and edit your guide. If you don’t agree with their suggestions please tell them why. Then when it all looks good it will be moved to #welcome for anybody to see. Congrats your guide has been published! :tada: :tada:


@guideadmin isn’t appearing for me, I’d love to do a guide!

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Hi @Hugo try again as I’ve just changed some settings!


Added you to the group


If this is the guide you want me to check then I already did - all good to move!