I want to return to the beginning of my studies, I haven’t studied for a year. How? Don't know


Hi @79089056388 thank you for your post.

I’ve translated your topic title so others can understand your post. You are welcome to use Google Translate on the site to translate our messages if you don’t already do so.

I’m not sure what you want to study first, if it’s Python or HTML/CSS or something else entirely. If you could give some more information I’m sure the community can give you some advice.


Здравствуйте! Нужна обучающая видеопрограмма с преподавателем. Python.

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Replit has the 100 days of code course which is for python and there is David@Replit teaching you with videos.



Я, купил курс PYTHON за 100 000 с копейками, не помню именно за сколько. Пришла видеопрограмма, начал заниматься, но случился дефицит времени. Сейчас не знаю, как добраться до программы.Извините, за тупость.

Hey @79089056388,

if you need any help with coding problems you can always ask here, also @DavidAtReplit does some great coding help streams!

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Обучающую программу нашел. Спасибо. Теперь. Как открыть свежий реплит.

Hi it sounds like you have bought access to a Python course through someone else but they are using Replit to host the tasks, is this correct? Can you give details of who you bought it from?

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Как, я, понимаю, помочь не можете.

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