I want to learn about coding

Hello Replit app
I am not made any type of coding first
I want I learn coding


I can teach you coding. Here are some simple commands for Python*:
print(‘Text here’) <— that code will write text in the console
input(‘Prompt/Question here’) <— That code will ask the user a question

*Python is a coding language

Replit has several useful tutorials. I’ll leave a link below to them.

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Hey @RonikRathi welcome to the forums!

Replit has several different ways to learn from 100 Days of Code to other things if you go to the learning section of replit. I would also recommend looking up on YouTube different coding channels like FreeCodeCamp which offers a ton of great tutorials on different languages. As a starter coder I would recommend coding in Python or JS which are simple but effective languages. I hope this helps :grin: ! If you find this helpful you can mark it as the solution.

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You Can Get Some Codes From Youtube Or ChatGPT And Explain Every Code Function In The Project And, By This Way, You Can Explain The Programming Language Faster.

Websites for learning to code:


Welcome to the community! It’s great that you want to learn how to code!! There are many different websites that you can use to learn. Just search them up on Google. If you tell me what language you want to learn, I can send you a good course! Personally, I would recommend Python first, because it is extremely simple. Here is a list of a few coding languages that are good for beginners:

  • Python (a text based input/output language)
  • JavaScript (similar to Python, but a little bit more complicated, and is good for more advanced programs after you learn python)
  • Java (the language that Minecraft is coded in)
  • HTML/CSS (web design, an absolute essential for programmers, very simple)

Agar aapko coding sikhna hai to youtube pe tutorials dekho aur replit pe excersices karo aur coder friends bhi bano. Is tarika aasani se coding sikh sakta hai

Have you tried the 100 days of Code (Python) yet?