I want to imbed Hyperlinks and video into my Spinwheel

I would like to embed videos in my Spinwheel for each topic. The videos are located in my google drive. I can get Hyperlink, but can’t get the video location code right. Also when I do more than one hyperlink, the other disappears from location on the wheel

Safety Care Competency
<h1><center> Which Safety-Care Move Should I Practice ? <br>

<div id="mainbox" class="mainbox">
	<div id="box" class="box">
		<div class="box1">
			<span class="span1"><b>Bite Release</b></span>
			<span class="span2"><b>Protective Shuffle</b></span>
			<span class="span3"><b>FrontChoke Release</b></span>
			<span class="span4"><b>FrontHair Pull Release</b></span>
		<div class="box2">
			<span class="span1"><b><a href="https://drive.google.com/file/d/1T-YQAWBTdUcmrGKZAQKcczGSGjleGJ7i/view?usp=share_link">Wrist Release<a/></b></span>
			<span class="span2"><b>Stripping A Grab</b></span>
			<span class="span3"><b>Shoulder Check</b></span>
			<span class="span4"><b>Elbow Check</b></span>

	<button class="spin" onclick="myfunction()">SPIN</button>

Hyperlinks are made using the anchor (<a>) element, and videos are made using the video (<video>) element with children specifying the different sources (<source>) to attempt to use.

<a href="some url">Click me!</a>
	<source src="some url"></source>

If you add multiple sources, the browser will attempt to use the first, and if it fails try the next, and so on, until a source works, or there are none left. You should take into account that certain browsers might not support certain video types, which is why it is often useful to include multiple versions of the video in different file formats.

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Do you see something glaringly wrong?

<a href=>Protective Shuffle

The end of your anchor tag looks like this <a/>, the slash (/) should be in front of the a (</a>).


It looks right, but there is no video. I am trying to embed it from my google drive. A colleague said he didn’t think you can even if you made it the link public.


Do you see anything wrong again. I know it is not your job, and I appreciate your help. If I can get one video to work, I am sure I can do the rest

Movie Selector

Which movie should I watch?
Protective Shuffle Elbow Check Fr. Hair Pull Fr. Choke
Wrist Release Strip and Grab Supportive Guide Safety Stance


It still does not click like a url.

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Try following this:

Basically, get the share link (make sure that sharing settings allow anyone with the link), then put the link in here: Embed Google Drive Images in your Website and Emails and hopefully that’ll work.