I want to change my favorite languages. How do I do that?

Hello, I want to change my favorite languages that show up when I’m creating a Repl so I can more quickly create them.


How do I do that?


Welcome to the community, @AmodeusR! It automatically puts, whatever you have used the most, or whatever you have used recently, in your favorites. So just use the lang you want, and it will change it. Hope this helps! :smiley:


It still doesnt do this for me I wish this was customizable :frowning:


This is NOT automatic. Its set up when you first make your account and I dont see how its possible to change it. Ive got like 30 c++ repls and zero node.js repls, and it still has node.js as a favorite and not c++. I have used c++ more recently too.

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You are correct @maxjohnson87 the favourites section doesn’t seem to have a pattern, but it does change. It would be really nice for this to be customisable so I’ll move this topic into Feature Requests for future consideration.