I want to build a ai model to take pdf as input

I want to create an AI recipe generator but i want to give input as pdf file. it should extract the content of the pdf file and give recipes generated from that pdf. can anyone help me how to go about this?

a simple web search gets you to libraries like Welcome to pypdf — pypdf 3.17.3 documentation.
To help plan your project, it could be useful to create a structure diagram or a pseudocode, keeping in mind things like the structure of the PDF.

Replit AI's useless pseudocode
# Import necessary libraries
import fitz  # PyMuPDF
from some_ai_model_library import generate_recipes  # This is a placeholder for an actual AI model

# Define the function to read content from a PDF
def extract_text_from_pdf(pdf_path):
    with fitz.open(pdf_path) as pdf:
        text = ""
        for page in pdf:
            text += page.get_text()
    return text

# Define the main function for generating the recipes
def ai_recipe_generator_from_pdf(pdf_file):
    # Extract the text content from the provided PDF file
    content = extract_text_from_pdf(pdf_file)
    # Generate recipes based on the extracted content using an AI model
    recipes = generate_recipes(content)
    return recipes

# Example usage:
# pdf_file_path = 'path_to_pdf_file