I want block code so coding is easier

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So what’s the feature request? To block specific code?

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I believe @AbdulazizMoha26 wants block-based code, like Scratch, as an easier way to add and create code inside a file.

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Welcome to the forums @AbdulazizMoha26 I’m not sure that this will become a feature, but I suppose someone could make a replit extension for this if you ask them, or you can do it yourself when replit extensions is out of beta.

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If they mean to use command blocks, I doubt Replit would go in that direction but who knows? In the past I’ve used Code.org and Scratch for school, both of which are very nice command block coding platforms. Now I code on Replit.
Also BTW the link doesn’t work in the original post. And why is that image in the second post? I’m so confused at what’s being asked here.

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I’m making a Replit extension for having Scratch inside the editor.


This’d be impossible to implement afaik

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Why? Scratch doesn’t allow embedding, but Turbowarp does plus it’s way faster.

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Think about it. You’d have to make some kind of way to oversimplify every language until it’d be useless without hiding things from users.

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I’m not adding blocks to existing programming languages (although I like the idea). I’m simply letting users make, run and package Scratch projects in the editor.

Just make an extension…

I am, I’m making a Replit extension.

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