I think sp.replit.com is down

i don’t know if down or not

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To check about these things check with the replit status, but I think it’s always down!


A random domain used in the backend.

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sp.replit.com is still used in the backend

example of sp.replit.com being used in docs as a CDN?[citation needed]

Today it just seems to sends HTTP 502 status codes when visited on the main page (https://sp.replit.com/)

if you go on a random valid folder put referance a random file it will give a error message of Cannot GET - Invalid path or write key provided.
for example go to (https://sp.replit.com/sdk.js/v1/)

sp.replit.com can also be as a websocket (for more info look at the comments of (https://replit.com/talk/share/Replit-Secrets-Mysteries-and-a-New-Update/17345))


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It shouldn’t matter if that’s down as it’s only used for analytics.

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