I seen thet ai can help but it in a pay wall

I seen ai can make can help i tried to some how add ai helper in pygame and I just can’t i look and I see a pay wall to get ai is there any other way? I’m just a nooby in codeing and I need help is there any way to get a ai helper? :frowning:

Welcome to Ask! There are indeed ways to get AI helpers but Replit requires you to pay for theirs (Ghostwriter, included with the Pro plan or 1K cycles/month). If you don’t want to pay, I think that you can use chatGPT for free (I know you can get mobile apps with chatGPT + ads for free).

There are also some community options such as https://chatgpt-app.techwithanirudh.repl.co and https://replit.com/@PikachuB2005/PikaBot2005-Replits-first-AI-comment-bot