I really need help right now

can i save my work that i used someone elses work

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Could you please explain further what you mean?

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Your repl autosaves work, so there is no need to click “save”.

If you mean removing the fact you forked a Repl, that is not possible unless you manually copy every file from the origin Repl (this also breaks the MIT License that all Repls are under unless you manually give credit)

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so i used someone elses replet and i chamged it a changed it a bit and i never did coding befor and i anted to know ifi could save it so it apperes under my replets

It’s already under your profile - I checked when you created the post.

ohh sorry to bother u then

Paraphrased and marked up for those who aren’t as proficient in word-guessing:

So I used someone else’s repl and i modified the code (without prior knowledge on programming) and I wanted to know if i could save it so it appears as one of my repls.

Yes, haroon as correct.

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No worries, it happens :slight_smile:

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can u play my game plz