I/O Tests not working for me

Hi there, I previously was able to create basic I/O tests but for some reason I can’t anymore. I can’t even re-create the ones I had create before. Below are two tests but one fails to accept input. Can anyone help?


Test Results:

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This is the link for the code: https://replit.com/@al-cs-2025/Python-Programming-Challenges#main.py

I also came across this issue last week. What I have found is that if you add the following to the .replit file, your tests will come back and potentially work again.

# in .replit
language = "python3"

This can fix the tests in individual repositories but you need to make sure that it is done before students get the published assignment. Otherwise students need to add that code to the .replit file.

Also, the links provided were private, maybe you can fork them into a public repl so that we can see what is going on.

Thanks @BradleeCrockett I’m not sure how to add the code you mentioned to the .replit file.

I have forked the program but I can’t post it here, it rejects it saying it’s spam

There is a longer discussion here: Help with a simple test - #22 by QwertyQwerty88 about a related issue. there are some videos about how to edit the hidden .replit file and much more information about how others fixed the problem.

Great thanks! the linked discussion helped me solve the problem. :grinning:

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