I/O Tests for Python PBL Curriculum

While I was not able to attend the PD in person, I have been watching the recordings and I am excited to use the Intro to Python PBL curriculum from Andy Colley (it’s awesome!) this fall with my students.

I am wondering if anyone else using this curriculum has started to create I/O tests for exercises in this curriculum, and if so can you please share :slight_smile: . I think that they will be particularly helpful on the “Investigate” and “Modify” exercises.

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Hi there,

Really glad that you liked the PRIMM methodology and the curriculum. Both the intermediate and the advanced will be released in full very soon for you to have a proper play with.

I/O testing is on my wish list of things I’d like to add. Hopefully I’ll be get time to add some in once school is back. However if you develop some, please let me know and I’ll include them in the teams template tasks.


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