I/O Test Feature Requests

Just a couple ideas I’d love to see implemented after several classes of use in my python classes:

1. Allow the reordering of tests - Right now tests are listed in the order they are created, but sometimes if you edit one it changes their order. It would be nice to set a particular order for a student assignment that might have several tests meant to be passed in a specific sequence.

2. Allow to run one specific test vs running all - Sometimes tests stall due input, errors, or loops in students code. It would be helpful to run 1 (and only 1) specific test if they’d like. This helps with item 3

3. Cancel button for tests - When tests are running but caught in a loop or waiting for input they take a long time to eventually timeout. This currently is solved by reloading the page, but a “cancel test” button would be ideal.



Love it! Could I ask you to put any feature requests here as the more visibility our requests get to the engineering team the better!