I neeed a help for file in replit

How to restor a file delet plz

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If your referring to a file within a repl, you can use the history feature. The button is at the bottom of the code segment of the screen. Clicking it will allow you to restore a previous version of a repl. If this is not the issue, Could you further clarify what you need help with?

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Welcome to Ask! Simply create a new file with the exact same name and extension as the one you deleted and you will regain your file and contents (assuming you haven’t created any other files with that name).

The file history @Banesr18 suggested currently does not work.


Huh, I didnt realise that it only worked on code, not files.

If the History tool is in the file, how can you use it if the file isn’t even there?

Guess I never noticed that the button was tied to the file. I always presumed it was just for the whole repl.