I need urgent help in fixing this echo run configuration error

I need help with my code. My code is an introduction to go so people can learn it and how to execute their first line of code.

The error says something like this :

echo Run isn’t configured. Try adding a .replit and configuring it. Run isn’t configured. Try adding a .replit and configuring it

I tried following the docs to learn how to configure the repl running the command and getting a nix environment but nothing works. Please help me. The link to the repl is here: https://replit.com/@rockettoad/The-interactive-introduction-to-Go?v=1

Here is the code in go:

package main

import "fmt"

func main() {
    fmt.Println("# Introduction to Go(lang)\n\n**Welcome to the interactive introduction to Go(lang)!**\n\n## What is Go?\n\nGo, also known as Golang, is an open-source programming language developed by Google. It was designed to be simple, efficient, and productive, making it a popular choice for building a wide range of applications.\n\n## Why Go?\n\nGo offers several key features and benefits that make it an excellent choice for developers:\n\n- **Simplicity**: Go has a straightforward and easy-to-understand syntax, allowing developers to write clean and concise code. It focuses on simplicity without sacrificing power.\n\n- **Concurrency**: Go has built-in support for concurrency, making it easy to write efficient and scalable concurrent programs. Goroutines and channels are essential concurrency primitives in Go.\n\n- **Performance**: Go is designed to be fast and efficient. It compiles directly to machine code, resulting in highly performant applications. The language itself includes features such as garbage collection and memory management optimization.\n\n- **Built-in Tools**: Go comes with a set of powerful built-in tools and utilities. The Go compiler, gofmt (code formatter), go vet (static analyzer), and go test (unit testing tool) are just a few examples.\n\n- **Strong Standard Library**: Go has a rich standard library that provides a wide range of functions and packages for common tasks. It covers networking, encryption, file handling, and much more, reducing the need for external dependencies.\n\n## Interactive Example\n\nHere's an example of how you can write your first program in Go:\n\n1. Open your preferred text editor or integrated development environment (IDE) and create a new file called `hello.go`.\n\n2. Copy the following code into `hello.go`:\n\n```go\npackage main\n\nimport \"fmt\"\n\nfunc main() {\n    fmt.Println(\"Hello, World!\")\n}\n```\n\n3. Save the file and open your terminal or command prompt.\n\n4. Navigate to the directory where you saved `hello.go`.\n\n5. Run the following command:\n\n```\ngo run hello.go\n```\nThis will compile your program and run it. You should see the message \"Hello, World!\" printed in your terminal.\n")

I will most likely respond tomorrow but please be urgent.

:wave: Hey @rockettoad, welcome to the forums!

I moved your topic into Replit Help as you don’t need help with your code.

Your Repl runs fine for me:

Have you tried refreshing the page?

Wow really? It’s the opposite for me:


Ctrl + R or F5

Yes I have still done this and it still doesn’t work.

Have you tried closing and reopening the tab? :woman_shrugging:

I have also tried logging in another account and it works

Of course, why wouldn’t I?

Do you think it’s just my computer?

No, as I just closed and reopened the tab and am getting that error. Could you try creating a new Repl?

Do you mean creating a whole separate repl and copy and paste the code that was on the original repl to the new repl? I don’t really get what you mean sorry.

Correct, that is what I am asking.

Alright will do. I’ll get back to you shortly.

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I have created a copy and still doesnt work.

You can also see for yourself.

Then I am not sure. I’ve pinged a staff member who can hopefully look into this.

Yeah, this is unfortunate :frowning:. This was meant as a public tool and resource for people to learn the basics of Go. Also just to let you know, if I don’t reply it’s because I reached the maximum amount of replies for today as a new user so I will get back to you tomorrow. Thank you for the help and trying Qwerty. I’ll see you tomorrow.

I found the solution. Go isn’t supported in Replit since it’s in beta. To simply state, the echo run can’t be configured by any configuration, such as the nix configuration I tried, because it is not ready to be configured and deployed in any Repl since it is in beta.

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