I need to restrore my important repl

it doesnt work please help me.

IIRC it takes some time aftere deleting a repl for you to be able to restore it.

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I deleted it 5 hours ago.

I think it might take up to 24 hours. But dont quoate me on that

I deleted another repl for testing. I able to restore it quickly. Do you think my important repl is lost.

There’s no typo on repl name.

It’s definitely not lost if you can see it there, it may be that there’s a weird bug here preventing you from restoring it. Either way, hopefully some members of the Replit team will be able to help troubleshoot with you. :slight_smile:

cc: @ShaneAtReplit @ReplitIronclad


Hey there, @RecepUgurlu1 !

What happens if you try to restore the Repl now? Is the issue still occurring?

Yes, “This Repl could not be found.”. Apperently this is a replit system bug as I copied and pasted title name to restore it. Did same way for another repl for testing it’s instantly restored quickly. It is still viewable on trash. I almost give up on this project thank you for replying. Also replit email support sumbitting via official replit website doesnt work properly.

Thanks for the report. I’ve passed this along to some of our engineers. Will keep you updated.

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Hey @RecepUgurlu1 . Sorry for the troubles, we found a bug on our end! your repl should be restored now.


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