I need to make these squares go back to their original position in Pygame


Please use the topic code help: I think you posted these (this & your other post) in the incorrect topic.

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why did u gasp lol??

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i put alot of work into my stuff

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because, as I previously stated, I believe you placed this in the incorrect topic.

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sorry i didnt know this was the wrong place

its alright lol it happens.

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It’s okay, I have moved it into the correct cat.

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thanks qwerty ur very helpful

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Perks of having TL3. :sob:

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take a look at this link https://replit.com/@sanstheskeleton22/RowdyLargeVirtualmemory#main.py

isnt it cool? it took me 3 weeks

its so painful to do work man

yo @QwertyQwerty54 could u help me with this?

Could you provide more detail about your problem? When do you want the squares to go to their original positions?

when i click u i want them to go back @QwertyQwerty54

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: are you advertising or asking for help. If your asking for help, could you tell us where in your code you need to reset?

on line 33 thats where

              myRect = pygame.rect(100,100)
              myOtherRect = pygame.rect(100,100)

I think Should be

              myRect.x = 100
              myRect.y = 100
              myOtherRect.x = 100
              myOtherRect.y = 100