I need to make a code with turtle that draws a second circle

Question: i need help making another circle beside the other one :frowning:

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import turtle
murry= turtle.Pen()
for x in range(18):
for x in range(1):

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@Madisonwa I have edited your title as, I guess you are frustrated, certain words should not be used

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Well I already edited it, but yeah.

sorry. my math teacher started us on this website and i need help creating another circle beside the other one to like make a tree ? an anyone help

So what are you trying to do? Your code draws circles on top of each other … so read carefully what i wrote :slight_smile:

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i need to make them go beside each other in like a circle to make a tree like all around

Ok, well draw the circles in different positions

It is a math problem … i already gave you an hint you draw on top, so think how you would move the pen (turtle) if you were doing on paper … same in turtle/python

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you would move it up and them left(10) and right (20)?

try it :slight_smile: and see what you get

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don’t ask us, just try it and see if it works, if it doesn’t, try plugging in different numbers. experiment with it

coding is confusing…

It’s not really, just a lot of trial and error, like most things. just don’t give up! :slight_smile:

i can’t give up or i fail…

Do not get discouraged. It takes some tries and you will feel it see it gets less confusing< But you need to try and see

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what I meant but said better

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yea. its not working…

Well … we were typing at the same time :slight_smile:

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then try again with different numbers. make sure you’re changing the position and then drawing.