I need to get my Repl.it Account Secret/API

From googling, then to google dorking, and countless other methods, I just can’t seem to find the account API/secret key page - which I find quite annoying. I have been looking at several replit docs and have seen what they can be used for and would like to try it out myself, yet I am unable to do so without my API/secret key. I have honestly been wondering if the page even exists anymore! I would like to find out how to make a replit API key for my replit account, the one that you can use to program your account. I would like to use GPT 3 to answer questions given to my account while notifying the user that it is not me answering.

Perhaps this snippet from blog.replit.com/api-docs will help you to understand what I mean :

The Token Generator

For security purposes, there is a small backend component, which is standard for most services that need to generate tokens. Your tokens are good for 5 days, but it’s best to generate a new token per user. Here is a Ruby program that some of our customers use to generate tokens.

Just replace “keyboardcat” with your secret key (found on your account page) and you’re good to go.

The text written in code is what I would like to know more about. I have searched every page there is to search and have depressingly found nothing. All the links that I clicked ( not only from this site but several others too! ) gave an Error message telling me that the page was not found.

Hey @Nzishi welcome to the forums!

The api has since been deprecated as said at the top of the blog arrival you linked


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Thank you for the answer! Yet I am not going to close the topic incase somebody has an answer

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I apologize but that’s the answer – that there is none.

Oh well, I suppose that google dorking should have done it. Thank you

Yes there isn’t an API anymore, I’ve researched in the past, the only way is this:

  1. find a mod on discord, perhaps Ray
  2. ask about "Replit Graph Query Language" information

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