I need someone to test a save/load feature for my game

I’m making a game and I’m trying to add a save/load system to the game and It uses cookies. But I have a security feature on my phone and laptop that decided to block cookies on certain websites (including mine) So if anyone can test to see if it works would be a huge help! All you gotta do is click the Save Game button under the Cycle Image then refresh. Thanks for anyone to helps!


I can’t save in your game.


I get this error while trying to save:

clickingPower is not defined
at saveGame (https://cycle-clicker.johnnysuriano.repl.co/script.js:86:20)
at HTMLButtonElement.onclick (https://cycle-clicker.johnnysuriano.repl.co/:23:36)

I fixed the error of ‘clickingPower’ not being defined

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There are no errors, but it still fails to load the game.


No errors, cookie is set, doesn’t load though.