I need some one to check for errors in this website

Recently the console on my school Chromebook has been blocked and sense i have no other devise ( desktop ) i need some one else to open the console especial because the replits built in dev tools don’t give you all the errors.

site: https://3js.owenstritz.repl.co

also does any one know any website i can go to, past in my websites url and then it’ll tell me the errors? or does that not exist?

You could embed the eruda devtools into your site:

<script src="https://unpkg.com/eruda@3.0.0/eruda.js" onload="eruda.init();"></script>
<!-- OR !-->
<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/eruda" onload="eruda.init();"></script>

They will then be accessible from the little icon in the bottom right corner, though you can move it from there.


thats just replits verson of the console though, i was messing around with three.js trying to get a skybox the console in replit wasnt giving me errors but the console in the web browser was wich i was only able to find out and solve the issue because of some one else on replit

That AFAIK, is not replit’s console. IIRC replit uses some custom made one, and eruda also works in a new tab. Also, as long as eruda loads before your other scripts, console logging should be fine.

can you just go to the website and tell me any errors if there are any?