I need some help on my Replit

** I am using Replit to code a Minecraft server and I would like some help or some tips.:**


If some one can help me that would be great but yes i need help coding this thing.:

code snippet

If you want to get into it just tell me your username and ill add you onto it.

it gives me a 404 error

i need help now please

Hi @hc306265 !
What kind of help? Is it related to this?

Hi @xXAlfroKingYTXx, welcome to Replit Ask!
Just for everyone else who happens to come across this post, could you specify the coding language?

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Yes, the coding language is Node. And for some reason, I have been trying to add plugins to my server then it breaks the server so then I have to restart the server and role it back to the time before.

And also if you want to get onto the replit tell me your name for the replit and I will add you to it. And I am saying this because like what the first person said is that it says a 404 error so please tell me your name if you want to help.

I can’t code in Node or many other JS-related languages to save my life, so I’m afraid I won’t be joining haha :upside_down_face:

@xXAlfroKingYTXx So this is like a collaboration to get people to work with you on it?