I need non U.S. "IP-address " please

I need a european or asian IP address, since binance is not supporting IP addresses from jurisdiction on american soil, due to local crypto laws.

So my python script does not work as API response is “IP address from USA not allowed”

Any help appreciated.


  1. Use the Service to “mine” bitcoins, other cryptocurrencies, or Cycles;

automatic trading script is not mining…tststs

This is not allowed, as of this:

Section 4
12: Use the Service to attack or tamper with other websites, services, and individuals;

By this, running a trading script would not be allowed.

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it’s not that, it’s that you are not allowed to run a script on an external website unless you are using an (allowed) api (maybe even not that)

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they are using an API

We may reveal the solution: Change server location to India


Oh ok, so it’s all fine!

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Thank you so much…it executes now!

code: https://replit.com/@CompensationNetwork/versioncheck#main.py

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