I need new ideas pls!

Hi users of replit ask! I was just wondering if anyone has any ideas they want to share stuff they’ve done/ made to do with coding to be made into a tutorial to help the community? Hope you can reply and thanks for reading.:smiley:

@HenryMiles3 I am currently working on setting up a CSS class: CSS Class Signup. You could do that something like that. Or you could make a tutorial on Ask: How To Create A GitHub Page. For making tutorials don’t make them a regular Repl I would either teach a class or have a doc to teach stuff: https://saladscript-doc.salladshooter.repl.co/ to teach people. You could also use this template I made to teach people something: https://replit.com/@SalladShooter/How-To-Template?v=1 (if you use it, it is fully customizable, and it uses MarkUpCSS (I will probably make a doc soon for it)).

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What languages do you you know?

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I’ll consider it. Thanks :smiley:

Python, a bit of Html, CSS and like 1 line of JS.

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I’m learning kaboom.js tho.

If you are looking for ideas, you could make a text-based adventure game in python, maybe make a portfolio website with a bunch of cool animations or a game in kaboom.js

Maybe you can also do like a Flask tutorial for those who want to create websites using python.

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This is a good idea. REPLIT is best for web project so making a tutorial for flask, is a nice and useful project

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Mabye I could! Thanks

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