I need ideas for a game

so i’m making a choose your ending game and i need ideas for topics.
Some i have thus far
Get the milk
Concert tickets
Fix the computer

Do you guys have more ideas

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No offensive but I don’t see this game coming anywhere.

im going to get the milk

Just not an .io game :rofl::rofl::rofl:

what classifies as an io game

You can make Doors (roblox) game
It’s Horror,puzzle and so many genre
That’s the best idea I can give

But that would be copying something and then we’d have a whole new BFG situation.

Then the Among Us game would be also copying

On Replit by the way

io games are multiplayer i think

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Making Doors is really a waste of time. The game is fun but before making the game, You need an multiplayer system, An avatar catalog system to represent you in multiplayer game session and more of things that you shouldn’t waste your time on.

fake multiplayer = .io game

nah, they’re F A K E multiplayer.

huh? swordbattle.io isn’t fake.

o yeah, but most io games are fake multiplayer

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on replit yeah. on others, not really

how did we get into a conversation about io games, its a henry stickmin like game

Henry Stickman isn’t an IO game but I think it has been trademarked by Innersloth

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Then making of AmongUs on Replit is also a waste of time


See this and reply me on this

Give the senior citizen a parking ticket- a fighting simulator.