I need help with my cpu and ram

It is on my java coding how do I fix it

Please elaborate on what you mean and maybe share your code/repl so that we can see if there is something causing the problem,


As @whileTRUEpass said, your Repl itself may be causing the problem, but

If you’re running out of CPU/RAM when using Replit, you may want to consider upgrading to the Hacker (2gb RAM + 2vCPUs) or Pro (4gb RAM + 4vCPUs, plus Ghostwriter) plans. They boost your repl’s CPU/RAM capacity and will considerably help with the speed.

Screenshot 2023-05-12 10.02.03 PM

Learn more at https://replit.com/pricing

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You also get cycles by paying, tips, or bounties and use that instead.


yeah but I would need to pay and I don’t really want to

Completely understand.

There are options to earn cycles without paying any money like @youngchief said. For example, if you complete a bounty, you can earn a large number of cycles. If you create and publish a Repl, users can donate cycles to you. With these cycles, you can purchase boosts allowing for speed up to 32 times faster.

Screenshot 2023-05-13 10.49.47 AM

Otherwise, your memory usage is likely affected by your own program, and you may want to optimize it. I don’t know much about Java, but could you provide a link to your Repl so others can help?


Java is well-known for being a resource-hungry language so I wouldn’t be too alarmed at it. Try to optimize your code if possible.


my java coding has 47 lines and it changes alot of times to cpu or ram

In my Python development on Replit, my RAM and CPU are usually always high. However, my program’s speed is never actually affected. Does your program seem to slow down or does it stop entirely? Do loops end and are well optimized? Usually, as long as the speed of your program is not affected, there is nothing to worry about. If you need help optimizing, see below.


@VinhDuong8 Welcome to Ask.

Your CPU and RAM shouldn’t really affect you too much as they fluctuate a LOT. IIRC it’s because Replit counts background processes in there, and as @youngchief said, Java likes its fair share of stuff.

Anyways, your project will function like you’d expect unless your project becomes especially big. No need to worry AFAIK and if you notice any big problems that come from this, please post. Otherwise, just ignore CPU and RAM I guess (don’t ignore storage!).

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Try turning off code intelligence in the repl’s settings. It will drastically improve your cpu and ram.


Kinda off topic but what is 1 vcpu equivalent to? Like how many cores

Good luck trying to find out as my experience is that 1CPU is actually something variable as one day things go fast others slow (same CPU values)

Download more ram. (im kidding)

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