I need help with making a url

I need help with making a url. :pray: plz! :face_holding_back_tears::smiling_face_with_tear:

Replit Profile: https://replit.com/@TristanAnderso6

Hey @TristanAnderso6 welcome to the forums!

Can you elaborate on what you need help with?

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Hey @TristanAnderso6 welcome to the forums!

The reason that traditional custom domain linking on Replit was removed is because traditional repl.co hosting is being removed from Replit. It is being replaced by deployments (replit.app). You can link a custom domain to deployments. Static repls[1] will soon be able to be deployed without a credit card. Non-static repls will require a paid plan to host but will still be able to have custom domains (so long as the repl hosts a website).

  1. repls without a backend ↩︎

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So if you want to make a portfolio website and have it at TristanAnderso6.repl.co, simply name a flask, Html, or other website making language TristanAnderso6 and it should get you there.

You automatically get a repl.co url for any html or website language at this:


Now keep in mind you will not get a url for non-static (non-html so no flask) domains starting January (sadly.)

I hope this helps!

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Wait what do you mean by this?

that flask will not get a domain without the editor open

…unless you deploy it…

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Unless you deploy, nothing gets a domain…

My understanding was that static deployments would be free

@boston2029 That would cost money sadly

They never asked about how much they have to pay.

Well, they were supposed to add that two months ago, but evidently they haven’t. I think Static Deployments technically are free, but not if you go over your egress (that’s why they’re wanting your credit card, to charge you if you go over).


True, but they’re not automatic.

@boston2029 As in, you still have to do them yourself, you don’t automatically have all your static Repls deployed for you.

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