I need help using Repl.It

I’m using Repl.it for a web development class that is due in 2 weeks. For part of the course, Repl.it is required. I did the tutorial but was still confused, but shrugged it off. Now, I am having trouble even functioning with Repl.it. I can’t figure out how to access just normal Javascrip, as it does not show up when one pressed ‘New Repl’. All I see are extensions of Javascript etc. I’d love any help anyone can give me.

Hi @SaipeleFredrick , welcome to the forums! What kind of JS are you looking for? For the normal one, it’s inside a HTML, JS, CSS repl.


Probably normal, vanilla JS as they specified


@SaipeleFredrick Vanilla is a template you can use.

@NateDhaliwal thats just Vanilla Vite. Qwerty meant the standard JS, not TypeScript, Node, etc.


There were a few tutorials. Even after watching the tutorials I sometimes have problems. It took me a while to create a new project. Whenever I created a new Repl it would hold files from the old project. So I finally completed a new one and I’m still having bugs.
Your not alone

Serverside JS = Node.js
Vanilla JavaScript in a web page = “HTML, CSS, JS”

Other than that there is no client side vanilla JS