I need help to undo a glitch which deleted my project

Problem description

I was looking at the options in the overview section of my project “Mateos fun quiz app” when all of a sudden it closed my project and it was deleted. I asked the AI how to undelete a project on a macbook and it told me "If you are using a MacBook and want to undelete a project on Replit, you can follow these steps:

Open a web browser on your MacBook.
Go to the Replit website (https://replit.com) and log in to your Replit account.
On the Replit dashboard, look for the “Recently Deleted” section on the left sidebar.
Click on “Recently Deleted” to view the list of recently deleted projects.
Find the “mateos fun quiz app”. "
but I opened the left sidebar in the dashboard and looked multiple times for a “recently deleted” but did not find any.

Expected behavior

That it does not just delete a project for no reason and that there IS a “delete project”

Actual behavior

seen above.

Steps to reproduce

I do not know. Someone please explain me how to fix this. I worked very hard to type all the code in the project.





Device if mobile

I use a Mac.



Please upload screenshots

@mmart27 I’m not sure why the AI is telling you to do that so I’ll get it reported.

To restore the Repl, go here:

Type in “trash” which should bring up prompts that look similar to this:

Go to “view-repls” first so you can find the name of the deleted Repl. Then type in “trash” again to bring up the “restore-repl” option. Copy the name of the Repl there to restore.


AI does not provide 100% accurate information, so I would take what it says with a pinch of salt.