I need help running a program I typed in it says not found


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i need help running a program I typed in and it says it’s not found when it’s right there it has it loaded

Hi @cashgadget852 , welcome to the forums!
Could you elaborate further on this issue that you are facing?


Judging from your repl profile and your question it seems that you are talking about your repl, flash fiction hub.

The reason it’s saying not found seems to be because you renamed your index.html file.

The reason you can’t type in the url is because your file name has spaces in it.

You could remove the spaces from your file name, and then navigate to it manually by typing it in the url bar.

You can simply rename your file toindex.html and then it should find the page.

You could create a new index.html file and have it automatically redirect you to your desired page or have a link to your page/pages.