I need help running a different file other than main.py

I don’t know how do i setup my replit, but it’s seems to not work, i don’t know why since i tried adding the main part where it requires but still not working

repl process died unexpectedly: exit status 2

Giving up. You can try again by clicking Run. You may need to fix the [interpreter] definition in the .replit file first.

Repl link/Link to where the bug appears

Hi @HirukaRogue. By default, Replit runs main.py as the main python file.

If you want replit to run another file other than main.py, you should click the 3 dots on the files dropdown, click ‘show hidden files’ and then click on the .replit file.
Then, change the entrypoint and run parameters to the name of the python file you want to run.

If this works, please mark my answer as a solution.

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okay this time i tried configuring my file bot still same problem

You still haven’t changed the entrypoint parameter. Also, there is no need to add ./ to the file path, RP-Utilities-Beta/bot.py should be fine.

this time i changed the entrypoint

That’s because your folder appears to be named RP-Utilitites-Beta, note the typo ‘Utilitites’. Maybe you mean ‘Utilities’?

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