I need help idk how to change it to online

How do I make my replit online?

Current behavior:
It says offline but I have internet connection

Desired behavior
to turn it online

Repl link:

Can add the link cause it´s offline.

code snippet

Hi @ThomasAlvarado2 , welcome to the forums!
Can you try reloading the page?

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I’ve tried that but it doesn’t seem to work. I’m new to coding so idk why it isn’t working I’m thinking it’s something up with my code.

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Can you please provide the link to your repl?

Not the link to the website you’re trying to host but the link to your workspace (don’t worry we can’t access your workspace but it’ll take us to the cover page so we can view your code).

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oh ok. I didn’t know what it meant by that.

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Here´s the link for it. (https://replit.com/@ThomasAlvarado2/practice-project)

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Is this website running on It won’t work if it’s running on or any other IP.

Oh that’s why. Replit probably blocked it on purpose. Proxies are generally blocked on Replit because it gives Replit a bad reputation at schools. Also any unblocker/proxy for the purpose of “circumventing an access control measure” is against Replit ToS. This will probably never run on Replit.

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oh ok. Thanks for the help

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