I need help, I was working on a code and its correct but not working


Hi @Lyshire it’s ok, I just looked at your code and can see some of the errors.

Regular_Hours_Worked=(int(input("How many regular hours have you worked this week?:")

Every open bracket should have a matching close bracket. You have 3 open brackets but only 1 close bracket.

Total_Wages = Regular_Wages + Overtime_Wages.

You have a full stop at the end of your code which shouldn’t be there.

It’s supposed to calculate the amount in wages someone would earn with that many hours. But it keeps stopping and not even working.

It was an assignment for class and our teacher went over it and the code was correct on what he had down

Please see my edited message above.

I think that maybe you didn’t write down exactly what your teacher went over but hope the above helps.

hi lyshire if you need help i made a repl just like this here is the link if it is any help Link To my repl