I need help for coding a modmail discord bot

hello i have trouble to code a modmail bot can somone help me make it

Hello @mikhailnahaboo and welcome to the community!

What have you already done?
Which language are you using?
If you could share your repl link we can give you more directions too.

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hello, so i want to make a modmail bot but it always said * you need staff permission * but when i create a staff role it dosnt work

sorry if my english is bad! im french

It looks like you are using the role named “Staff” to check if a member can use certain commands. But when you’re creating roles, you’re creating a role named “Support Team Member”.

Which name you will be using? If you are using “Support Team Member” you have to replace any checks for “Staff” with “Support Team Member” in your code.

For example, changing this:

if (!message.member.roles.find((x) => x.name == "Staff")) { //changing Staff to Support Team Member

Vous semblez utiliser le rôle nommé “Staff” pour vérifier si un membre peut utiliser certaines commandes. Cependant, lorsque vous créez des rôles, vous créez un rôle nommé “Support Team Member”.

Quel nom allez-vous utiliser ? Si vous utilisez “Support Team Member”, vous devez remplacer toutes les vérifications pour “Staff” par “Support Team Member” dans votre code.

if (!message.member.roles.find((x) => x.name == "Staff")) { //changing Staff to Support Team Member
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