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The issue is I have made a quiz for my class and the output goes into text file containing their answers and I discovered the answers are only accessible on their device so the answers are not on my device? How can I get their answers ? The out put of program is text file containing their score and Name

does that have something to do with" publishing" what does publishing do?

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Could you please clarify where you’re expecting the output to be versus where it is?

the program in python gets answers from students and out puts their scores in a text file that is unique with their name. If every one takes test on my pc all their answers will be in text files generated from the program. goal achieved, But, I tested the program on a students phone and the text answer only shows up on their device Replit session in a text file. I want them to answer on their device and not have to wait for each student to take on my PC. The goal is for the students to take test whereever and I should be able to check on my PC or device.

there is a copy link feature for files… maybe that could used in this question

Per- repl, and that includes the ghost forks created by the cover page.

Because of forking.

Could possibly use a database, then complie that database to files.

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publishing allows other people to see it.

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Try Mongodb it’s easy to send data to it and you can see how to use it just watch the Mongodb tutorial by netninja