I need an offline version of replit

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Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request I like the app but I don’t have constat internet connection to run codes

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Hey @bodydrive20, welcome!

There already is one. You need to sign up for the waitlist to get access for it, though.


The desktop app is not offline and you still need a connection to use it


You cant run repls offline due to the current infrastructure. In order to run repls, you would need a constant connection to the repl servers, hence requiring internet.


Repls are cloud environments. So you need to have Internet to set/get their data. Having an offline Repl would basically just be installing the actual environment (e.g. Python/Node) and use it offline (because those were actually made for offline.)

And on Replit there are a ton of languages and templates you may not even use, so why would you install them onto your machine?


Can this be moved to the normal Support category?

Why should it be moved?

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Because the mobile version already has it

the mobile version is still online replit, and sends HTTP requests to the replit servers like normal.