I need a new text adventure game idea

I am struggling to figure out an idea for a game specifically a text adventure game. . .

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Sorry for being general but what about this:

The character arrives in a dungeon and they’re trapped. They must escape.
I’m taking inspiration from those “Riddle YouTube videos”

There are 3 doors with rooms that have a door to the next room.

Door 1: A room filled with fire on concrete.

Door 2: A dangerous, hungry predator that never dies.

Door 3: A pool with dangerous fish that are highly aggressive; the character can’t swim.

The player must find the best door. Answer: Door 1: You can wait for the fire to end.

Maybe keep going like that with a mix of riddles, math, and other random trivia. Make it as family-friendly as you wish :slight_smile:

(Also sorry for all the lines lol)

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ok thx for sharing your idea

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You could always do random idea generators, but I have one an futuristic or medieval quest that you pick a side and help that side win. I hope you find this helpful :grin: !

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thx for sharing your idea I might use it sometime

I once made a text adventure on a Commodore 64 that was Jurrasic Park themed. I wish I still had that 5-1/2" floppy and a computer to read it with!

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You’re a programmer who needs to make some cool/useful web-app for your company for any imaginable reason. The due date is tomorrow.

@lightdefusion So you want me to make a website

@Evanisha I was joking lol

@lightdefusion ok that’s good to know

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@doxr I’m going to be using your idea and I’ll give you credit in the description!!!

Maybe create an RPG game or a text adventure game like Google made as an easter egg…?


Ok that could be useful

Immortality :scream: :scream:

@doxr here’s the link to the dungeon game https://replit.com/@Evanisha/Dungeon-Madness?v=1

@Evanisha do you know that the link to the game isn’t working? Just wanted to let you know in case you didn’t. Have a great day :grinning: !

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My friend had my sid and must’ve deleted the repl

You can probably restore the repl using the CLUI.

The better question here is why does your friend have your SID?

He said he was going to give me cycles but he just messed with my account, he doesn’t have my sid anymore but he used to

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