I might leave soon

Alright I might be done with replit. Me and others were speaking about how stupid bounties are, and that was hidden because we shared actual points. This might have been the last straw, and I’m looking for a new coding site because of this. I might stay, but it’s just stupid, how when I make a point, im silenced for being “inappropriate”

I understand it’s frustrating but they just try to keep it child friendly and most points we make are done so in a moment of anger and are thus slightly negative.

Yeah it’s not fun but you can’t blame them, people were bad mouthing about their company on a forum about programming.

@GiggaPoggers, check your private messages/personal chat.

Oof, I’m sorry for this. I would recommend codepen for frontend dev.

I wasn’t in a “moment of anger” i was making good points. After posting this even more got removed, maybe coming to replit ask was a mistake

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Eh, fair enough. Unless replit does something major to keep me onboard, I’m probably just going to move all my development to local and just use replit to share stuff with the community. The IDE just crashes too much and get’s annoying to code on.


Yeah, I understand why replit closed it but at the same time agree with you. What you were saying was solid.

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Even me mentioning the leaderboard here was “inappropriate”

really? are you serious? could you show the PMs?

Sure here you go

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Talking about the leaderbord and even dissagreeing with Replit and mods are allowed and we wont delete. That was flaged as innapproiate because you bypassed the min of 20 chars and you should not do that. That’s a restriction to encourage higher quality posts and not to be annoying.


Understandable, thanks.