I made my first Replit Theme

So yesterday I made my first custom Replit theme and I would like some peoples opinions/feedback on it. It’s called ‘Purple Mayhem’
The link to the theme:

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Nice but I think the text being all purple is a bit hard to read. I like the theme tho!

Thanks! I’ll try to change that in an update

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Hey, @JohnnySuriano, welcome to Replit Ask.

So I got it and started looking around. The Replit UI itself is good, very neon like a city. The colors weren’t too bright or too dark. I could see myself using this. One problem: the green is WAY too bright, compared to it’s surroundings.
If you toned down the green and made it a bit darker, it would be really good. I don’t see any other problem.

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I would say a bit lighter would look better, like Roblox Studio (#adf195)

Looks nice; nothing wrong with the theme
Reminds me of a neon aeroscape

Ok, thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

That looks pretty good!