I love Replit but these three problems are hindering my project

Problem description:
I’ve been using Replit for about a month and I absolutely love what you’ve built here. I love how quickly I can spin up a project and how easily the web server environment “just works”. But I’m wondering if this is more geared for beginner projects. My project certainly isn’t complex but I’ve reached a point where Replit is no longer viable for the following reasons:

  • The 1 GB limit is severely hampering my project. This means I can install a tiny handful of NPM packages before reaching the limit. I’ve resorted to trying to use CDNJS links to prevent having to install the packages locally. I don’t mind paying for more. This MUST be an option.
  • There seems to be a leak somewhere. My repl grows by approximately 20 to 50 MB per day while not actually saving anything. The other day, I reached the 1 GB limit and spent the ENTIRE day trying to figure out how to resolve it. Finally after hours scouring Google, I found I could do ‘npm ci’ to nuke the node_modules dir and reinstall everything. That gave me 300 precious megabytes of space. Now a couple days later, that 300MB is down to 280MB for absolutely no good reason.
  • I need to be able to run a web server AND a backend server in the same project. If I try to run both, only the most recent one is picked up and used by your automagical process. Please, I need two: a webserver and my custom backend code. This is critical. I don’t mind paying more. And no, I don’t want to use two different repls. This is one project which means one Github repo, one set of Node packages, one context space for my brain, etc. Please, I’ll pay more if I can run two backend servers in one project.

Expected behavior:
I should be able to buy more storage space. And I should be able to run two backend servers. I’m not asking too much, am I?

Actual behavior:
The 1 GB limit is seriously so tiny it’s aggravating. Coding already has enough aggravation. Please don’t add more with this miniscule limit, especially when NPM packages tend to be so big.

If it is indeed possible to run a custom backend server in Node.js simultaneously with the repl’s web server, there should be information on how to do it and it should be incredibly easy to find. Yes, I already tried some strange webpacker middleware thing that didn’t work and besides I don’t want to spend hours mucking around in webpacker. That’s a black hole of futility.

Steps to reproduce:
Create any React project with a backend server on Replit. Now write some simple Node.js backend code to read data from an API. This basic functionality doesn’t work because two servers won’t run simultaneously in the same repl.

Bug appears at this link:



are you willing to pay a small fee to become a “hacker or pro”.
p.s I am not I like my money but If you buy I am willing to invest.

Joke by the way

I’m paying for the Pro level so I can have some of the benefits such as “always on” and the AI coding assistant (which is really nice). Since I’m paying, I don’t mind paying a bit more for extra space or to have an extra backend server working alongside the repl’s webserver.

With the storage issue, I can tell you Replit is working on ‘Infinity Drive’ which aims to solve storage issues by allowing you to purchase more storage. I believe Infinity Drive is in beta right now, but hopefully soon will be released :man_shrugging: