I lost my last week work

today I lost my last week work.
Can u help me?

Replit Profile: https://replit.com/@egorkunshin

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Your post seems a little vague. If you deleted your project, or don’t know if you did, follow the steps below to find all the deleted repls and recover a deleted repl.

First, go to the Replit menu and click your profile in the top-right corner:
Next, click trash in the new page that comes up

And then, to view all the deleted files, click view-repls:
If it popped up, type “restore-repl” into the command console

And then enter the name of the project you would like to recover and press enter!

And then you have recovered your project!


Hi @egorkunshin , welcome to the forums!
If the file has been deleted, try creating a new one with the same name, and then click the button History at the bottom to rewind back and go to the previous version.
Hope this helps!

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