I lost my folder..working in for years i am sad

I lost my bigfolder i have been wroking in for along time.

my time…please i am shivering

*can u recover my file old all of them.i had his one called BIG PROJECT there is 2 of them.pls pls pls.god bless u i am cryingg t

If you deleted a repl or a folder of repls, you can use the CLUI to restore them as shown in this screenshot:

If you deleted a folder inside your repl, you will need to know the names of all the files in order to restore it.

Recreate the folder and all of the files. Then, for each file open the file history and you should be able to restore it.

Hope that helps!


The code should already be inside when created. The History tool doesn’t work now anyway.

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Thank you all you all just saved me 8 months of work

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