I linked a domain to replit but how can i add www.inforunt of domain

such as i linked domain.com to replit, but when i visit with www.domain.com ,it show 404
how to add it , thank you very much.

You need to own the domain you have linked, there seems to be something already hosted at that domain so I would assume you don’t own it.

as new user , i can input 2 links , so i make “.” to be “dot”
i am the owner of domain . i add txt record into the domain, and when i use “xxxndot com “.it goes well. but when i add” www dot xxx dot com” it goes server 404.
xxx dot com is a example , i use another domain.
thank you very much

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as new user , i can not input 2 links , so i make “.” to be “dot”

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For the root domain (domain.com):

  1. Click the pencil icon on your Repl and add the root domain (domain.com).
  2. Create an A record (called either “domain.com” or just “@”, depending on your provider) in the domain provider’s DNS panel pointing to Replit’s IP ( I think).

For the www. subdomain (www.example.com):

  1. Click the pencil again and create another domain link and add the www. subdomain (www.domain.com).
  2. Create a CNAME record called “www” in the domain provider’s DNS panel pointing to the root domain (domain.com).

You can now visit the Repl at both www.domain.com and just domain.com.

Edit: If you use Cloudflare proxy (orange cloud), you will need to add the TXT record that your Repl gives you as well.

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hi robsd
in my DNS panel when i point to IP , it auto add www ftp and mail .domain .com to IP too
now i deleted the www.domain.com add a new CNAME record, then i add a TXT record too ,it show this message at photos

thank you very much

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I found a new way , thank you very much guys. merry chrismas


Glad to hear you got it sorted, was going to suggest maybe you had duplicate DNS records, likely the TXT, as they would clash. I sometimes forget about the TXT records haha. Merry Christmas too!


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